2009 Spring Student Body

M. Editor  |  April 4, 2009

The Institute of Buddhist Studies, a graduate school for Buddhist Studies and Ministerial Studies in Berkeley, began its 2008 spring semester with an enrollment of 48 students. Of the total 25 are IBS students. In the fall semester there were a total of 60 students taking courses.

Dr. Richard Payne, IBS Dean, stated that in the past few years the enrollment has steadily increased due to the new IBS location within the Jodo Shinshu Center. The campus atmosphere has greatly enhanced the visibility of the IBS to the academic and religious communities.

Of the 25 IBS students 13 are ministerial students in the MA track, 3 are auditing with record, 3 in the Chaplaincy program, 3 are general students, 2 are from other traditions, and 3 are exchange students from Ryukoku University.
Graduate Theological Union students come from the following schools. 6 from the GTU Doctoral track, 1 from the American Baptist Seminary of the West, 1 from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, 3 from the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, 1 from the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, 6 from the Pacific School of Religion, and 5 from the Starr King School for the Ministry. These are all graduate students who are studying to be ministers, teachers, or church supporters of their traditions. Dr. Payne, IBS Dean and GTU Core Doctorial Faculty, teaches all PhD students.