New Publication: Path of No Path

M. Editor  |  April 5, 2009

The Institute of Buddhist Studies, Graduate Seminary for Shin Buddhist Ministry and Buddhist Research, and the Numata Center for Buddhist Translation and Research both at Berkeley, announced the publication of the second of three volumes titled, “Path of No Path—Contemporary Studies in Pure Land Buddhism.”

This volume honors the late Dr. Roger Corless, professor emeritus of Duke University, who brought to heart a new perspective to the study of Buddhism and Pure Land Buddhism in particular. Dr. Richard Payne, IBS Dean and the Yehan Numata Professor for Buddhist Studies, is the editor.

The articles in the book cover a range of topics, from the practice of the Pure Land to its historical transmission and its contemporary interpretation.

Contributors of the book are as follows: Harvey B. Aronson, a psychotherapist in Houston, Texas; Gordon B. Bermant, lecturer at University of Pennsylvania and former President of BCA; Alfred Bloom, Professor Emeritus of the University of Hawaii and former Dean of IBS; Ruben L.F. Habito, Southern Methodist University; Arthur Holder, Graduate Theological Union; Charles B. Jones, The Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.; Charles B. Jones, Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.; Charles D. Orzech, University of North Carolina, Greensboro; Charles S. Perbish, Utah State University; James H. Sanford, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Kenneth K.Tanaka, Musashino University, Tokyo and former professor at IBS.

The first volume titled “Shin Buddhism Historical, Textual, and Interpretive Studies,” was published in 2007 with Dr. Payne as editor. The volume honors the late Rev. Dr., Yehan Numata, founder of the Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai and the Numata Center, Berkeley. The book commemorates the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Numata Endowment at the IBS.

Contributing writers from worldwide are as follows: John P. Keenan, Middlebury College, Vermont; Whalen Lai, University of California, Davis; T. Griffith Foulk, University of Michigan; Katerine K. Vaelasco, IBS/GTU graduate; Bruno Levin, Ruhr-Universitat, Bochum, Germany; Allan A. Andrew, University of Vermont; Hartmut O. Rotermund, Ecole Pratique dis Hautes Etude, Paris; Habbito, SMU; Roger Corless, Duke University. Minor L. Rogers and Ann T. Rogers, Washington and Lee University, Vermont; Joyu Chiba, President Emeritus of Ryukoku University, Kyoto; and Tetsuden Kashima, University of Washington. Payne and Tanaka also contributed to the volume.

More information on the Contemporary Issues in Buddhist Studies may be found on the IBS Webpage.

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