2019 Graduate Student Symposium Call for Papers

Scott Mitchell  |  April 18, 2019

The Science and Technology of Buddhism
Call for Papers

Deadline for submissions: June 15, 2019  Deadline extended! July 15, 2019
Symposium: October 17, 2019

The 2019 Graduate Student Symposium at the Institute of Buddhist Studies, funded in part by the BDK/Numata Foundation, will focus on how science and technology have shaped Buddhism historically and in the present, globalized world. Technological innovation has a direct impact on how Buddhism is practiced, transmitted, and understood whether through developments in print technology in pre-modern Asia or the material analysis and Multi-Spectral Imaging (MSI) of Tibetan and Sanskrit manuscripts. How has the intersection of science and technology impacted Buddhism? What technologies in the past altered the way Buddhism spread across Asia or from Asia to the West? What impact are current scientific debates and digital technologies such as smart phones, tablet computers, and artificial intelligences having on how Buddhism is practiced or understood?

Current graduate students are encouraged to submit an abstract and paper title for consideration. Topics may include: the development of print technologies in Asia; the impact of early modern global transportation or communication networks on Buddhism’s spread outside Asia; the relationship between technology and practice either historically or contemporarily; case studies on how Buddhists use technology for propagating the dharma; case studies on current debates on the appropriateness of validity of scientific studies on Buddhism, meditation, or mindfulness practices; or other related topics.

Dr. Courtney Bruntz, Assistant Professor of Asian Religions at Doane University, will serve as keynote speaker. Dr. Bruntz’s work focuses on tourism and economics in mainland China, including the use of new media technology and robotics by Buddhist monastics. She is co-editor of the forthcoming book from University of Hawaii Press, Buddhist Tourism in Asia.

Graduate students at any stage of their program are encouraged to submit paper proposals. Please send abstracts of no more than 250 words to Thomas Calobrisi (tcalobrisi@ses.gtu.edu). Please include your academic affiliation with your submission. The deadline for submission is July 15, 2019. Applicants will be notified about their submission by August 15, 2019.