Current students can find valuable information on courses, registration, and institutional policies below.

Remember, contact your advisor if you have questions about what courses to take. If you are in the GTU MA program, your student record and registration will happen via the GTU student portal, Sonis. And please contact Helen Tagawa (, our Registrar and Director of Student Services for any specific questions about admissions, registration, or applying for scholarships.

And, as always, read the catalog! Most of your questions can be answered by reading the catalog.

Student Information Portals

Academic Calendar

Course listings

All courses offered throughout the GTU consortium, including IBS-offered courses, are are publicly listed via the GTU student information system. Please visit GTU Sonis and search for courses by semester and school to see IBS’s current listings.

Registration and program forms

IBS CatalogStudents are responsible for downloading and reading the institutional catalog and following all policies therein.Handbook
Auditor Registration FormFor non-program students, please complete this form to audit a class.Registration
Certificate Completion FormSubmit this form to the Registrar when you are ready to complete your program.Checklist
Leave of Absence FormIf you need to take a semester off from your program, submit this form to the Registrar.Registration
MABS Program ChecklistUse this form to track completion of program requirements; submit it to the Registrar with you're ready to graduate.Checklist
MDIV Program ChecklistUse this form to track completion of program requirements; submit it to the Registrar with you're ready to graduate.Checklist
Petition for IncompleteUse this form to petition for an incomplete at the end of the semester.Registration
Special Reading Course Registration FormUse this form to sign up for a directed reading class.Registration
Thesis Proposal FormThis form must be filled out when you have formed a thesis committee and are ready to write your thesis.Program
Petition to Transfer CreditUse this form when transferring units from an outside school into your IBS program.Program
Petition for AdvancementUse this form if you're completing a certificate and want to advance into a degree program.Program
Student Travel Grant for Conference PresentationStudents presenting their work at conferences may be eligible for funding.Scholarship
Ryukoku Exchange Program Scholarship ApplicationStudents studying at Ryukoku may be eligible for funding.Scholarship
Field Education HandbookFor MDIV students, information about completing field education units, processes and forms.Field Education
Thesis HandbookFor MABS and MDIV students, a handbook on how to complete your thesis on time.Handbook
Cross Registration FormThis form is to be completed for IBS students when requesting a course for cross registration at a Graduate Theological Union member of affiliate school.Registration
AY23-24 Scholarship ApplicationReturning students need to submit a new scholarship application every year by March 1Scholarship
List of Approved Field Education SitesThis is an updated list of pre-approved field sites for MDIV students completing the field education requirement.Field Education
Field Education Student Self-EvaluationSelf-evaluation form for students completing field education under FE-2400.Field Education
FE 2400 Proposal FormStudents registering for FE-2400 (self-placement field education) will need to submit this form to the Field Education Director one month prior to the start of the semester.Field Education
FE 3400 Registration FormStudents planning on complete CPE unit(s) to meet the field education requirement will need this form to register for FE-3400.Field Education
Field Site Supervisor Evaluation FormStudents who are completing FE-2400 should ask their field site supervisor to complete this form.Field Education
New Site Authorization FromStudents who wish to have a new field education site approved must use this form.Field Education
These forms are for students enrolled in IBS degree and certificate programs. Students enrolled in the GTU MA program should consult the GTU website and dean's office for the appropriate forms.