Mutsumi Wondra

Rev. Dr. Mutsumi Wondra was born in Kyoto, Japan, and graduated from Kyoto Women’s University founded by Lady Takeko Kujo. She is currently the resident minister of the Orange County Buddhist Church (OCBC) in California.


Degrees and Certificates:
Ph.D., Ryukoku University, Kyoto
M.A., Ryukoku University, Kyoto
M.A., Institute of Buddhist Studies
Kyoto Chuo-Bukkyō Gakuin
B.A. Kyoto Women’s University
Hongwanji Gakkai Hokyō

Research and Teaching Interests:
History of Shin Buddhism in Premodern
History of Shin Buddhist Thought in Modernism in America
Women and Shin Buddhism in America

Recent Publications:
Co-translator of Leaves of My Heart, by Lady Takeko Kujo

Courses Taught:
History of Shin Buddhist Tradition: Premodern