Pacific World Journal transitions to peer review format

Richard Payne  |  April 4, 2018

With the support of BDK America Pacific World: Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies continues to make changes designed to improve its policies in service to the profession. For the 2019 issue we have established two new bodies for the review of submissions to the journal. This will enable the journal to conduct blind peer reviews of submissions. Submissions will be reviewed by one member of the Pacific World Editorial Board and one member of the Pacific World Editorial Advisory Board. The former is made up of the regular faculty of the Institute of Buddhist Studies and the Senior Editor:

David Matsumoto
Scott Mitchell
Seigen Yamaoka
Daijaku Kinst
Natalie Quli, Senior Editor
Richard K. Payne, Chair

The Editorial Advisory Board includes:

Anne Blackburn, Cornell University
Courtney Bruntz, Doane University
Melissa Curley, Ohio State University
Gil Fronsdal, Institute of Buddhist Studies
David Gray, Santa Clara University
Maria Heim, Amherst College
Hsiao-lan Hu, University of Detroit Mercy
David McMahan, Franklin and Marshall College
Lori Meeks, University of Southern California
Eisho Nasu, Ryukoku University
Elizabeth Ørberg, University of Copenhagen
Aaron Proffitt, State University of New York, Albany
Cristina Rocha, Western Sydney University
Brooke Schedneck, Rhodes College
Daniel Veidlinger, California State University, Chico
Pamela Winfield, Elon University

Submissions are to be made to Dr. Natalie Quli, the Senior Editor of Pacific World

Now, in addition to being open access, Pacific World will conduct blind peer reviews.