The Buddhist Forum Volume II

The Buddhist Forum

Volume II
Seminar Papers 1988-1990

Edited by Tadeusz Skorupski

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  • Introduction [ download ]
  • Devil’s Valley ot Omega Point: Reflections on the Emergence of a Theme from the Nō, by T.H. Barrett [ download ]
  • Buddhism, Taoism and the Rise of the City Gods, by T.H. Barrett [ download ]
  • The ‘Five Points’ and the Origins of the Buddhist Schools, by L.S. Cousins [ download ]
  • Some Formative Influences in Mahāyāna Buddhist Art, by P.T. Denwood [ download ]
  • The rNying-ma Interpretation of Commitment and Vow, by G. Dorje [ download ]
  • Saṃvṛti, Vyavahāra and Paramārtha in the Akṣamatinirdeśa and its Commentary by Vasubandhu, by Ch.E. Freeman [ download ]
  • Monk, Householder and Priest: What the Three Yānas Mean to Newar Buddhists, by D.N. Gellner [download ]
  • Councils as Ideas and Events in the Theravāda, by C. Hallisey [ download ]
  • The Practical Implications of the Doctrine of Buddha-nature, by S. Hookham [ download ]
  • Observations on the Tibetan Phur-ba and the Indian Kīla, by R. Mayer [ download ]
  • Theravāda Buddhism and Brahmanical Hinduism: Brahmanical Terms in a Buddhist Guise, by K.R. Norman [ download ]
  • References [ download ]