The Buddhist Forum Volume III

The Buddhist Forum

Volume III, 1991–1993
Papers in honour and appreciation of
Professor David Seyfort Ruegg’s
contribution to Indological, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies

Edited by Tadeusz Skorupski and Ulrich Pagel

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  • Legs skar /Skar bzang / Sunakṣatra, by Helmut Eimer & Pema Tsering [ download ]
  • Bhavanga and Rebirth According to the Abhidhamma, by Rupert Gethin [ download ]
  • Deva-garbha and Tathāgata-garbha, by Minoru Hara [ download ]
  • Considerations on the Dating and Geographical Origins of the Mahāvairocanābhisaṃbodhi-sūtra, by Stephen Hodge [ download ]
  • The Status of Pramāṇa Doctrine According to Sa skya Paṇḍita and Other Tibetan Masters: Theoretical Discipline or Doctrine of Liberation?, by David Jackson [ download ]
  • The Bon Religion of Tibet: A Survey of Research, by Per Kværne [ download ]
  • Meditation as a Tool for Deconstructing the Phenomenal World, by Karen Lang [ download ]
  • dGe ’dun Chos ’phel’s Position on Vigrahavyāvartinī 29, by Donald S. Lopez, Jr., [ download ]
  • Fighting Bodhisattvas and Inner Warriors: Buddhism and the Martial Traditions of China and Japan, by Stewart McFarlane [ download ]
  • Mistaken Ideas about Nibbāna, by Kenneth R. Norman [ download ]
  • A Note on silāvigaḍabhīcā in Aśoka’s Rummindei Inscription, by Kenneth R. Norman [ download ]
  • Some Observations on the Notion of Tathāgatagarbha, by Alexander Piatigorsky [ download ]
  • Tendance de la Pensée de Candrakīrti, Buddhajñāna et Jinakriyā, by Cristina A. Scherrer-Schaub [download ]
  • Stūpa and Tīrtha: Tibetan Mortuary Practices and an Unrecognized Form of Burial Ad Sanctos at Buddhist Sites in India, by Gregory Schopen [ download ]
  • Pre-Dharmakīrti Commentators on Dignāga’s Definition of a Thesis (pakṣalakṣaṇa), by Tom J.F. Tillemans [ download ]
  • On Altruism and Rebirth: Philosophical Comments on Bodhicaryāvatāra 8: 97–98, by Paul Williams [download ]
  • The Bodhisattvapiṭaka and the Akṣayamatinirdeśa: Continuity and Change in Buddhist Sūtras, by Ulrich Pagel [ download ]
  • A Prayer for Rebirth in the Sukhāvatī, by Tadeusz Skorupski [ download ]
  • Bibliography [ download ]