Liz Kineke

Liz Kineke is an award-winning journalist and television producer. During her fourteen-year tenure as a producer and writer for CBS Religion & Culture series, Liz created 45 half-hour shows that looked at faith and religion as they relate to racism, white supremacy climate change, immigration, and cultural heritage, among other timely issues. Her most recent reporting can be found in Tricycle: The Buddhist Review and AP Global Religion.

A graduate of Denison University in Granville, Ohio, she spent the early part of her career working for foreign broadcasters in the US as well as pioneering TV journalist Linda Ellerbee and the Associate Press Television News. She was nominated for a New York Emmy award, and received seven Religion Communicators Council Wilbur Awards, and three Religion News Association awards. She lives in New York City. 

Project Outputs:

“All Access Dharma” in Tricycle (August, 2021)

“Religion is Always in the Room and in the Zoom” Public Theologies of Technology and Presence Capstone Conference (May, 2021)

“Lockdown Dharma” in Tricycle (April, 2021)

“Joyful Noise or Meditative Hum, sound resets the mind for Faith” in Religion News Service (March, 2021)

“African spirituality offers Black believers ‘decolonized’ Christianity” in Religion News Service (January, 2021)

“Learning to Contemplate the News” in Tricycle (featuring Kevin Healey)

“Buddhists with Physical Disabilities Access Digital Dharma” in Tricycle (May, 2020)

“Together Alone: Online Sanghas in the Age of Social Distancing” in Tricycle (March, 2020)

“Contemplative Practices for Digital Natives,” at the Institute of Buddhist Studies (October, 2019)

“Looking for God in the Machine: Can virtual reality really change how we understand ourselves and others in the real world?” at the Institute of Buddhist Studies (October, 2018)