IMG_7066The Institute of Buddhist Studies offers the following certificate programs which may be completed concurrently within a degree program to focus one’s studies and certify competence in a particular field of study, or may be completed as stand-alone programs (i.e., not completed as part of a degree program).

Students admitted to a degree program must petition for admittance into a concurrent certificate program. Please contact the Registrar for the applicable form.

For student who are not currently enrolled in a degree program, the admission requirements for all certificate programs is:

  1. application form
  2. transcripts of previous college work
  3. interview with program director
  4. $40 application fee

Please note there are additional requirements for admittance into the Kyōshi Certificate Program.

Application materials can be found here.

Certificate Programs

Program NameDirectorNo. of required coursesIn association with...
Kyōshi Certificate ProgramDavid Matsumoto7 (plus additional CBE/MAP requirements)CBE
Certificate in Buddhist ChaplaincyDaijaku Kinst8GTU
Certificate in Buddhism and Contemporary PsychologyRichard Payne6n/a
Certificate in Theravada Buddhist StudiesDiana Clark6Sati Institute
Certificate in Sōtō Zen StudiesDaijaku Kinst6n/a