Certificate Programs

The Institute of Buddhist Studies offers the following certificate programs which may be completed concurrently within a degree program to focus one’s studies and certify competence in a particular field of study, or may be completed as stand-alone programs (i.e., not completed as part of a degree program).

Additionally, IBS offers an Online Certificate in Buddhist Studies as a stand-alone program or for students at the GTU and its member schools.

For students who are not currently enrolled in a degree program, the admissions requirements for all certificate programs are:

  1. Evidence (transcripts) of relevant prior study or coursework such as previous Buddhist Studies courses or a Bachelor’s degree (B.A.).
  2. Two letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant’s ability to do graduate-level work, familiarity with Buddhist thought and/or practice, and relevant prior study or experience. (One letter from supervising minister is recommended for the Certificate in Shin Buddhist Studies.)
  3. Statement of purpose (approximately 300-500 words) that includes (a) your reasons for pursuing graduate studies at IBS; (b) your specific academic interests and how they fit with the faculty and courses at IBS; (c) your personal or professional goals and how you see this certificate supporting them; (d) how your relevant academic background or prior experience prepares you for your proposed course of study at IBS.
  4. Non-refundable application fee: $15

Students admitted to a degree program who want to complete a concurrent certificate must petition for admittance into a certificate program. Please contact the Registrar for the applicable form.

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Certificate ProgramsAt-a-Glance

Program NameDirectorNo. of required courses
Online Certificate in Buddhist StudiesScott Mitchell4
Certificate in Shin Buddhist StudiesDavid Matsumoto8
Certificate in Sōtō Zen StudiesDaijaku Kinst6
Certificate in Theravada Buddhist StudiesScott Mitchell (and Diana Clark)6
Certificate in Buddhist ChaplaincyDaijaku Kinst8
Certificate in Buddhism and Contemporary PsychologyRichard Payne6