The Buddhist Forum Volume IV

The Buddhist Forum

Volume IV
Seminar Papers 1994-1996

Edited by Tadeusz Skorupski

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  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • The Fate of Buddhist Political Thought in China: The Rajah Dons a Disguise, by T.H. Barrett [download ]
  • Exitence, Enlightenment, and Suicide: The Dilemma of Nanavira Thera, by S. Batcehlor [ download ]
  • The Origin of Insight Meditation, by L.S. Cousins [ download ]
  • Buddhist Values of the Traditional Sinhala Village, by J.B. Disanayaka [ download ]
  • The Pāli Nidānakathā and its Tibetan Translation: Its Textual Precursors and Associated Literature, by S. Gaffney [ download ]
  • General Munthe’s Chinese Buddhist Sculpture: An Embarrassment of Riches? by D. Gillman [download ]
  • The American Appropriation of Buddhism, by I. Harris [ download ]
  • The Vinaya: Legal System or Performance-Enhancing Drug? by A. Huxley [ download ]
  • The Evolution of the Buddhist Yama, by B. Siklós [ download ]
  • The Saṃpuṭa-tantra: Sanskrit and Tibetan Versions of Chapter One, by T. Skorupski [ download ]
  • Buddhist Foundations for Modern Psychotherapy, by G. Watson [ download ]
  • Bibliography

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